Hi, I’m A.S, a content producer by day and a writer by night. I’ve been into the arts from very early on but haven’t really mastered one thing. I’m drawn to most art forms but I’m specially fond of graphic novels, short stories,creative nonfiction and films (while being very partial to Asian Cinema.) I have a film undergrad and a senior degree in multimedia and make my home between Vancouver and Manila. I live in an old house with my two dead plants and two (thankfully) thriving ones- a succulent and a hydrangea .

I’m kind of a latebloomer when it comes to society’s standard of life and as I blog on you’ll know more why. This is a space where I share my pursuit of the creative life: my personal projects, maybe even the things i do for work, resources and inspiration i stumble on and bits of pieces of myself and my days. Thank you for dropping by. I’m more of a lurker myself and very rarely comment on blogs I enjoy reading but if you find yourself here and find something valuable, I’d be very happy to see a comment/note from you. I wouldn’t know how to react properly (I’m awkward in real life) but it would mean a lot to me. Let’s be sort-of-friendly strangers on the internets!

Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life. – Pablo Picasso