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Address:  Greenbelt 4, Dela Rosa Street, Makati

The Musuem Cafe is the perfect place to spend a long hot rainy summer afternoon with good company. Our server for the day was attentive and amiable- instead of just ordering drinks, we had a Filipino merienda (afternoons snacks)  to pair it with. The interior is bright and sunny with art pieces and plants, the tables are made of marble and the walls of wood- on closer inspection, the cafe had quite a retro feel to it. It’s a very beautiful place, and it gets quieter on Sunday afternoons, a good time to lounge around, do some work, have an afternoon date, or quality alone time.

2.) FILM : THE TABLE (2018)

Conversations between two people of varying relationships. The Table is just that, a film set inside a cafe, in one particular spot where different people have  a sitdown talk throughout the day. It features four different pairs, each conversation an exploration of their relationship. We see a glimpse of a certain moment in these people’s lives. The film is subtle but it draws you in with a very well-written script that is equally well executed by its actors. The film also shows shots of coffee and other drinks being prepared. It has a meditative quality as if we are there to witness and ponder about our own lives and similar instances that may seem too simple or fleeting but are actually very beautiful and meaningful. This film left me remembering about the quiet moments in my life, the littlest things (like how one particular coffee drinker had a box of tea sitting in his cupboard just for me) and how it that moment has stayed with me.



I’d describe Phum’s music as breezy, cool, and relaxing. It’s cafe music, road trip music, lounging in your bed – staying at home kind of chill. Phum is Thai but spent his growing years in New Zealand thus all of his songs are in English. My number one favourite is his song Run followed by Lover Boy and Strangers in a Dream. Phum also writes his own songs and has had succesful tours around Asia. I wish he’d stop by Manila!



I don’t listen to an entire series when it comes to podcasts. I usually just jump around and listen to particular episodes. I came upon Letitia Wajnapel’s podcast by chance and was intrigued with her episode of Integrity and Authenticity. It turned out to be a really good resource for people getting so caught up in image building online. It’s only ten minutes short but packed with really great lessons.  I realized how affected I was by this episode because I’ve seen a friendship fall apart because of the lack of integrity and authenticity. I was confused with this individual because they were nice and kind but at the same time, they also had no integrity online and I couldn’t feel at peace with this dissonance. Laetitia actually talks about these things.

“There are some very nice people out there who have zero integrity.”

“It seems so much easier and more instantly rewarding to take shortcuts but in the long term it really isn’t because in the long term you’ll get found out. And who wants to look like an idiot. So do yourself a favour and work on being honest and true to yourself both in your everyday life and online. This way you’ll never be the boy or girl who’s a nice person but so shady on instagram.”

I can’t believe we still have to repeat these messages when it’s so obvious but there are still so many people who get consumed by the gram. And I wished I had listened to it sooner because I feel like I’d have been able to help that friend who asked me that he just felt so lost and consumed by his online persona. I couldn’t understand it back then, I couldn’t understand why he couldn’t distinguish those different sides of him and why it was giving him such a hard time. I’ve always thought it was easy to differentiate yourself from what you put online and who you are offline. Now I realize that some people have a hard time distancing themselves from the image they build. So if you ever find yourself or your loved one in the same predicament- this is a really good piece to listen to.


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