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I’ve been finding it difficult to write regularly or to even push out one cohesive blog post. I go through multiple drafts and type in phrases here and there but nothing finished. Have you ever had that problem? I feel like it applies to many things in my life i.e my interests and hobbies. I play different sports, take on varying interests, learn things but never really master anything.

I don’t know if it’s really just the era of distraction or I have ADHD but throughout my time exploring the internet, I’ve (re)discovered a few things like the concept of a multipod, a writing community, and Rod McKuen’s poetry.

Multipod/Multipotentialite – otherwise known as generalists (i however prefer renaissance man) multipod is probably the modern term for someone with many interests and creative pursuits. There’s no one path for a multipotentialite and they can simultaneously or sequentially pursue all of these interests. Here’s a few excerpt from Emilie Wapnick- the founder of a site dedicated to a community of multipods:

“The aspect of multipotentiality that worries multipotentialites the most is the tendency to become bored. Boredom usually hits once we’ve learned what we are meant to learn on a particular topic, and instead of moving on, we try to continue down a path we’re no longer interested in. Boredom is our body’s way of telling us that it’s time to move on to something new.

Multipotentialites don’t define “finishing” the way a specialist (and indeed, most of society) does. We learn what we came to learn and then move on to the next interest. This may not always look like “finishing” to the outside world, but it is.

Unfortunately, mainstream society tends not to value or recognize multipotentiality and labels this sort of “jumping between interests” flaky, immature behaviour. For a specialist, that might be true. But for us multipotentialites, saying goodbye to one passion to explore a new one is how we’re wired. It’s our gift.

If you relate the way I do, there’s a lot of resource for multipods on – it’s quite helpful when I get confused about myself, or feel like I lack commitment in certain things or that I’m not enough for this “specialized” society. You can also view her talk on TedTalks.

Eat This Poem

If you’re someone who loves literature, food, and travel Eat This Poem is a beautiful blog that shares recipes and poems. They also have a literary city guide and a nurturing community for writers/people who are yet to call themselves writers. It’s like a cafe where you go to relax, sip your tea, take out your journal and spend time with your thoughts and your friends but only it’s online.

Stanyan Street and Other Sorrows is divided into five segments and is an autobiographical poem.

Stanyan Street and Other Sorrows– That is the name of a book of poems I discovered a decade ago in a tiny municipal library. It was a summer month and my sisters and I accompanied our mom for a work trip. While she was in a meeting, we scoured the wooden shelves for books to while away our time. Poems are simple, straightforward, and relatable with a consistent melancholic tone, which is probably what drew me to the book at that age. I made sure to search for the author, Rod McKuen. It turns out he has a website that has most if not all his written works, from songs to poems. I often go to this site to read the featured poem for the day. McKuen unfortunately passed away in January of 2015 and the site hasn’t been updated as much as when he was around. But it’s still there and still contains his works. His works can be found here in the archives, the link is hard to find on the website now.

I found this while on the website:

“When I was 17 years old I picked up a book of Rod’s beautiful, soulful words in a library. It was like being wrapped in the most wonderful contentment; I felt these words were written for me alone.” -Ken, Johannesburg, South Africa

The site will be permanently taken offline in June so I’m sharing some of my favourite works with you:

We try so hard to make each other frown
I sometimes wonder
if we haven’t been together much too long.
The words that work the wonders are so few
that they seem foolish anymore.

a chocolate bar that tastes good at the time
but kills the dinner later on ?
Could be our appetite will go
till even memory’s not a feast.

But there are times
when you can smile in such a way
that I’d forget a ten year war
and lie down in your shadows’ shadow
and live on sounds your stomach makes.
In these brief times
I could die against your side
and never make a warning sound
content to suffocate
within the circle of your back. – Stanyan Street and Other Sorrows

I love your name attached to mine

or stationary on the door,

it gives me new importance.

It’s pleasure to be gone from you

because the road leads ever home.

I love your glances meeting mine

across forever or the room.   -Valentines 


“Love is worth the time
it takes to find
Think of that
when all the world
Seems made of walk up rooms
and hands in empty pockets”


” 2.

I have come as far away
as means and mind will take me
trying to forget you.
I have travelled, toured
turned a hundred times in the road
hoping to see you rushing after me.

At night,
though half a world away,
I still hear you sigh in several sizes.
The breathing softer when you’re satisfied.
The plip-plop body machinery back to normal.

Remembering how warm you are
and how defenseless in your sleep
never fails to make me cry.
I cannot bear the thought of you
in someone else’s arms
yet imagining you alone is sad.”


Ah, doesn’t his poems remind you of your younger days? The kind of love we go through, each poem has a person/relationship I associate with which is why it must be nostalgic to me.


These are just a few, I’ll leave much of the exploring to you! And with that I’ve actually managed to write something out of my interests. I hope you’ll find some of these resources helpful.

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  1. there is something about those tiny municipal libraries in the string of islands in the tropics. they are like spring-cold water on a scorching day for a child who’d rather curl up with a book than sing in the ubiquitous karaoke:)

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