Is Blogging Dead, Is Authenticity Real

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So is blogging really dead? I’ve come across a number of influencers who have said goodbye to their blogs and moved on to creating videos. Some have also been sharing articles about it, or just pondering if it really is. To someone who thrives in the world of letters- here’s my two cents:

I don’t think it’s dead. It may not be as lucrative as say, videos? Most of content consumers these days prefer the visual. There was a time when I’d go through a few lifestyle bloggers’ sites and feel a little dismayed- the content mostly photos, nothing substantial written. Just a caption here and there, or a description of what they wear. I always kind of felt betrayed. I’ve always felt that blogs should contain some sort of personality- the writer’s essence and not just a well manicured page or an adboard. I didn’t even understand how they called it blogging sans the written post. Maybe that’s why I gravitated towards blogs like Saab Magalona’s.  Mostly I enjoy personal blogs that I can relate to. The more human they are, the more interesting. Isn’t it better to actually see people’s lives as they are and not as we all aspire it to be? It’s such a sigh of relief to know that there are struggles that are quite universal.

If bloggers view their blogs only as a source of income then maybe to them it’s dead, but it really isn’t and shouldn’t be. If you’re after numbers, and as many views/hits then maybe blogging isn’t for you but blogging will remain- there will still be a tribe that relishes the written form. Maybe a few in number, but we are out there.

I think, even if my blog doesn’t reach a certain number of readership, I would still write in it. There’s so much pressure to be an “influencer” and to have as many followers that it can take the joy out of blogging or producing content. There are clickbaits and crazy, performances, all this spectacle to lure viewers.  I think there’s a limit to the phrase “fake it ’til you make it” even bordering on ethical choices as to how you present yourself online, and even how you run your personal brand as your business. I don’t think you necessarily have to lie about who you are- even in the smallest things, specially with the smallest things.

I knew someone who’d post on their social media about how they don’t listen to anything on the Top 40 charts, or rap and hiphop music because of violence, sex, and drugs in the content, that they prefer jazz and classics because they’re an old soul. Which is really strange because knowing that person, they belt out to Lil Wayne and Ed Sheeran and have it on their car’s playlist. Or how they diss other “influencers” for buying follows and likes when they themselves manipulate their own statistics. Or saying they’re environmentalists to fit a brand they’re sponsored with. It’s very sad to see someone you thought to be sincere do these kinds of things online, it’s so much sadder when it creeps into their real lives. You start to wonder who they really are, were they eaten by the system or were they hypocritical from the beginning? Were they ever real to you?

The rest of us buy into it too. Our standard of measure gets skewed because we are obsessed with this cult of personality.

So anyway, no, I don’t think it’s dead. We just think it’s dead because we don’t think we can make money off of it as much as we can with other media platforms. It’s not dead, we just moved on to a cheaper, higher impact platform, it’s not dead, maybe it’s easier for us to take photos/videos/edit rather than to write – that’s all okay. But it’s not dead.

So write and write if you are someone who loves to- even if your blog only gets one hit, or two. or none at all. And as much as authentic has become a buzzword- try to be that, to be true and real. We don’t need to be a PR spin, we don’t need to please everyone.

We also don’t always need to make money off of our interests. The world is so obsessed on monetizing everything these days, ROI can come in different forms – like the joy one feels just as they place that last dot on the last sentence.

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