Event Alert: Urban Heritage Sketching Workshop

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I walked into a coffeeshop, saw this poster, took a snapshot and toyed with the idea of joining (but really, I knew I’d eventually register.) It took me a few days but I just signed up today! Here are the important details:


What: Sketching Tour of the Walled City of Intamuros!

When: December 16, Saturday 9 AM- 1 PM

Where: Old Manila

How Much: 950 php inclusive of lunch, drinks, materials and souvenir package

I shared this event to my friends and one of the concerns that came up was that the people joining would be people who were already good at sketching. I had these anxieties too but I figured since I made a decision to let go of my burdens as an artist I figured I should give it a go. Plus their post said that we would be learning the basics! I used to be so scared and anxious at trying new things and being the newbie, not being good enough, being too old to be learning this and that.  I’m eternally thankful for community centres and beginner adult classes that assuaged my fears in learning new things.

I’ve taken sketching classes with people who only knew how to draw sticks, adult ballet classes with a retiree, acting classes with a stiff family lawyer, and writing workshops with 60 year olds. All these were really fun and fulfilling. I just had a positive glow about me, to be doing something I’ve always wanted. Even my classmates who had apprehensions began to loosen up on the next few days. Not every one of us became an actor, an illustrator, or a writer but we managed to get over our inhibitions and learn something new.

If you feel like this workshop speaks to you, why not give it a try? Or I can be the sacrificial lamb and I’ll get back to you with a blogpost on how it went. Hwehwe.

But if you do decide to join me, you can see the full details and register on their Guhit Pamana Event Page: Click me


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