I just recently finished watching a Korean Drama series called Because This is My First Life. It’s about a marriage of convenience between landlord and tenant. The plot sounds cliche and I give no justice to the beauty and profound story this series is. It’s not a big budget drama, no tragic love stories but a realistic portrayal of emotions – smart, deep, and meaningful conversations. No drop of cliche dialogues but instead, silences you come to understand because you have lived that life too.

Perhaps that is the wonder of stories- we all somehow follow similar plots – cinderella stories, star crossed lovers, man vs. nature etc. but it is in how we weave details and our own perspective that creates the difference.

I remember telling a friend a concept of mine and he remarked that it had been done. But it hadn’t been done by me, I thought. Different people, different output. This is why a marriage of convenience story I’ve read in Mills & Boon would be nothing similar to Because This is My First Life.

In This is My First Live, Ji Ho, the wife, had a favourite book. In that book the character- also a wife had rented a room in a rundown hotel where she could spend time away from her family. It was her own private world, a space she held on dearly. It was Room 19. When her husband found out about the room she lied and said that she was having an affair.


Ji Ho at first didn’t understand why the wife did what she did but as her marriage progressed she began to understand. Each individual had places in themselves they consider their Room 19.

This blog is my Room 19, and I feel somewhat torn between telling friends and family that this exists. Should I announce it? Should I transfer my subscribers from my existing blog to here? It would definitely give my blog a boost, but somehow deep inside me, there are people in my life that I don’t want in my Room 19. And the closer they are to me, or at least the more personal interaction I have with these people the less I want them in.

It’s easier to show one’s vulnerability to strangers rather than people we know. I guess it’s also because it’s disappointing to hear tactless statements from people who you thought knew you better. The people closer to us hurt us more and their prejudice against us affects us more than strangers. Maybe this is my way of protecting myself.

For the meantime, I think I will keep the door to my Room 19 closed. Strangers are welcome.


If you’re curious about the drama, here is a comprehensive and fair review of Because This is My First Life from hellokpop.com:

Because This is My First Life 


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